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Hazelnut 'milk' among the most sustainable

This article from the Guardian compares different milk-like products.

An interesting read about the pre-history of hazelnuts

Did you know that the oldest evidence of large-scale human cooperation in Europe is the many hazelnut roasting pits, some over 6000 years old? Hazelnuts appeared so widely, across so much of Europe that it is thought that they were being planted as a food forest strategy.

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New Varieties Available!

Nature Tech Nursery is proud to announce that we now have a license to grow and sell the newer improved varieties Wepster (CDN PBRAF# 18-9480) and McDonald (CDN PBRAF# 18-9479), which are protected with Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in Canada.  In addition, we have permission to offer for sale Dorris (also released as a main crop variety), Felix and York (released as pollenizers).  There is an additional cost of $1.50 ea for these five varieties because of the royalty fee Nature Tech Nursery is required to pay in the US for them.   We have been working with them under a Material Transfer Agreement with Oregon State University for research purposes since January 2017.

Hazelnuts in the news

2018 Hazelnut Variety Trial Summary available

See library page for download.