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New article about mushrooms and their potential.

Eastern Filbert Blight is still of concern.
Please plant only EFB resistant varieties of hazelnut, and don't purchase hazelnut plants from East of the Rockies.  This interview with Dr Shawn Mehlenbacher explains why very well.

New funding announced to support planting hazelnut orchards in BC!


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There is an excellent introduction to growing hazelnuts from the folks at Rutgers University linked below. It focuses on hybrid (american x european) hazelnuts which are not yet available on the west coast, but the principles still apply. Please keep in mind that the current CFIA directive on Corylus spp. prohibits importing hazelnuts trees to BC from the US or eastern Canada except in tissue culture and under an import permit.  This is an important safeguard to ensure that we don't import more virulent variations of the pathogen commonly found east of the Cascades that can overcome the genetic resistance to EFB, a devastating disease of hazelnuts.  Nature Tech is working with the Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium with a goal to safely obtain some of their cultivars that may be useful in colder areas of BC, so watch this space for more developments.

Choosing Plants for a Hazelnut Orchard in New Jersey


We just finished attending a virtual meeting of the Northern Nut Growers Association.
We highly recommend joining them!
One highlight was the first data I've seen measuring carbon sequestration by hazelnuts vs. some other crops.

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Here's an interesting article on agroforestry- the practice of incorporating trees with other crops.

Hazelnut 'milk' among the most sustainable

This article from the Guardian compares different milk-like products.

An interesting read about the pre-history of hazelnuts

Did you know that the oldest evidence of large-scale human cooperation in Europe is the many hazelnut roasting pits, some over 6000 years old? Hazelnuts appeared so widely, across so much of Europe that it is thought that they were being planted as a food forest strategy.

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